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Pockulous (interim name; I'm welcome to suggestions) is a Pendulous clone for the Windows CE/PocketPC platform, made using C# and the .Net Compact Framework. It just entered the beta stage, and it available for download here!


  • 2-5-04: I finally finished enough of Pockulous to release a beta version! A number of features are still not implemented (including computer AI), but it's completely playable with 2 people on the two included scenarios ("Counter" and "Russian Front"). You can even make your own scenarios using the built-in scenario editor, adding up to 4 different players.
    - IGx89

  • 12-30-03: Pockulous is almost at the playable stages now! Gray and Red can fight, and all the unit attack/defense rules and stats are in place and working. The editor is also in a working, useful state. Next step is to implement the player statistics (customizable names, force pool, resource allotment, etc..) and finish up the pre-game setup code. AI isn't implemented yet though, and probably won't be until everything else is done.
    - IGx89


Here are some work-in-progress screenshots:

(playing the Counter scenario)

(editing the Counter scenario)


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